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Technology : Automated Optical Inspection(AOI)
Process : AOI After SMT Reflow Soldering

V510 In-line Automated Optical Inspection System

PCB Handling Capability: 50mmx50mm -510mmx510mm
XY Table Resolution: 1 micron [Linear Motor]
Camera Configuration: 4 Mega pixel
Camera Resolution: 19 micron per pixel
Lighting System: Multi-color, multi-angle, multi-segment LED lighting with auto calibration.
Component Capability: 01005 component  ready @ 12um
Imaging Speed(per Sec): 44.5cm2
Other Features:
-OCV( Optical Character Verification)
-OCR( Optical Character Recognitions)
-Z Height Motor for tall component inspection
-Camera read barcode system triggers auto conveyor width adjustment  


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