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Technology : Stud Welding
Process : Metal parts Stud Welding
Energy source for welding different welding element on metallic workpieces
Welding range: M3 – M10 with steel and stainless steel
M3- M8 with aluminum and brass
Charging Capacity: 88,000 uF( Optional 132,000 uF for M10 Steel studs)
Automatic stabilization of charging voltage
- Charging Voltage: 55- 220 V
Short Charging Cycles to increase productivity
- Welding Time: 0.001 – 0.003 Sec
New '' Charging Control'' allowing very high welding sequences during continuous application
- Welding Sequence: 20 Studs/ Min
Welding Pistol:PS-3 positioning welding pistol
Self- protection against over stress to guarantee a long service life
Fulfill all prescribed safety targets:


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